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Vala, the one that sail the seas under dark clouds

No one knows her real name. Those who are forced to deal with her, and require her services as pathfinder, call her Vala, after the sea goddess. She doesn't mind, for it was too long ago that "they" took away the simplicity of her existence and truncated it with complex immortality full of pain, despair, loneliness and thirst, an unbearable thirst. But she will use her grey magic to hide the sun behind dark clouds and bend the lightning and travel without stopping, with the lightness of those who don't need to stop on the way, not even to give their rotten feet a rest. She will travel through endless seas, winding and foggy rivers, dark and smelly swamps and bogs, small floating portions of this land conquered by the great flood, to know, to plunder, to trade, to meet those who wounded her to death condemning her to a life with no end.