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The Medjahashi

Faction Project, Desert Tribe.

Almost everything about the Medjahashi remains a mystery, they make a great effort to keep it this way. They’re the remnants of the great fires of wisdom and manners that once burned with the revolution and subsequent exodus that the Great Fathers guided through the vast western lands into the desert and the great wastelands in the endless steppes.

They are known by many names, desert shadows, hyenas, sand warriors, white vultures, sandstorms riders, children of the dunes, Djinns... and those names have been changed since they split from their corrupted kind once the war banners were raised, and the great families and khalifats started to declare ownership of the land and collect tribute for its resources by force. The Medjahashi thought they were becoming that what with so much effort and sacrifice they had managed to flee from, they were betraying the teachings of the Great Fathers, so they left.

Now they live in a semi nomadic way, hiding their footprints, wandering the land seeking natural balance with the environment, keeping the old teachings. It’s hard to spot them if they don’t want to be spotted and only from time to time they trade with the neutral caravans or protect and guide them to earn and provide for the tribe.

They’re not warriors by nature, but they understand the ways of the desert and those who try to subdue it, if they are forced to fight there is no fiercer enemy, no one can hide from them or escape their deadly arrows. They have embraced the guerilla tactics lately and they take the first blow preventively in the form of small skirmishes and ambushes so they can manage great military forces, when they feel threatened or the enemy is too close.